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CHICAGO/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 26, 2012 — People beginning the final countdown to the glimmer and shimmer of holiday celebrations are discovering the number one secret to topping off their festive attire: an inexpensive iPhone app from OneDollarHairStylist founder and professional hair stylist Hector M. Abreu that brings home a series of hair style videos.

In the first hair care iPhone App available through the Apple App Store, Abreu presents more than four hours of expert insights into the techniques used by the pros, in plain language. Ten comprehensive videos cover all aspects of hair care and make-up application – from how to correctly mix products and time hair coloring and chemical treatments, to styling hair using a blow dryer the way seasoned stylists do, to enlivening the appearance of dull hair with proper foiling to achieve stunning highlights and low lights. Abreu details cuts for every member of the family – kids, too, along with tasteful make-up tips and fancier special occasion Up-Do’s.

The professional tips take the risk out of getting a salon-style cut at home, and viewers can watch the videos as many times as they like to develop the skills to create the look they want.

Viewers learn about various styling products, including Habreu’s Vitamin Hair Gel – a specially formulated, all-natural, vitamin and nutrient-rich hair gel developed by Abreu. In addition to delivering vital nourishment and maintaining tone in colored hair, the vitamin-based product is alcohol and oil-free, and brings shine and sheen to different types of hair. The gentle formula eliminates itchiness and flaking, without leaving hair feeling greasy.

“For less than the price of a cup of coffee, everyone who is struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford to visit a salon as often as they used to can bring the salon experience into their home,” stated Abreu. “The videos help them learn the basics of hair and styling, step-by-step, and provide them with details on the best products to buy – and show them how much they really can save. Whether it’s for an in-between trim or a complete makeover for the holidays – or someone just wants to look good or share some fun with a home makeover party, with OneDollarHairStylist, it becomes possible to look good – and feel good about looking good – within a budget.”

Abreu, a Puerto Rico native who lives in Chicago, was driven to create the video series as a result of his own personal experiences and a desire to feel good about himself, while helping others.

“I have first-hand experience of the challenges of living on a limited income,” said Abreu. “Hair is a highly personal choice that can truly transform how you feel about yourself and are perceived by others. Looking good opens all kinds of doors in life. This is a chance for me to give people a lifelong gift that they can use into their future, wherever it may take them.”

To learn more about the App, visit http://www.onedollarhairstylist.com; purchase the $.99 App, OneDollarStylist, at the Apple App Store.

To learn more about Habreu’s Vitamin Hair Gel, visit http://www.habreu.com.

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